About Us

About Us

Intimate Homes, a truly professional organisation that is built on trust and quality. Our promoters have a vast experience in different industry vertical and come with strong values, commitment & hardwork to take this organisation to the next level of success.

We strive to achieve the highest degree of technical excellence while maintaining the finest standards of business practices in all our endeavours.

At Intimate Homes, we consider Quality of output and professionalism in handling the project as a natural consequence of the meticulousness in every step that precedes. It travels the continuum from the conception of a project to its final delivery.

What we excel in!


  • Professionalism · 100%
  • Timely Manner · 100%
  • Quality of Work · 100%
  • Methods we follow · 100%
Our Mission
To cater to the real needs of growing population and deliver a quality product in a truly professional way which deliver value for money. To take customer relationship and customer satisfaction to a new level which will be a benchmark in the construction and marketing practices.
Our Vision
To make the world a better place to live in; to transform and uplift quality of living and lifestyles of each and every individual that comes in contact with us.



One of the biggest reasons why you should choose us is because we at Intimate Homes never compromise on quality. It is our top priority. Our projects are handled by a management team led by a team of professionals. From pre-construction stage to the final stage, they oversee the project responsibly and with complete devotion.An awareness of on-site progress, administration, cost-control and communication between the client and architect are considered critical to a successful project.And these important aspects of business are never overlooked by us.

We ensure that even the tiniest details are attended to and our customers get home that offers them nothing but the best. Knowledge, focus and quality help us to run a well-rounded and managed business.


Our home buyers always get value from us. Be it on the quality of homes provided or in terms of assistance provided by our sales team who are extremely knowledgeable and well-informed. Affordable standard features are a part of our homes. We provide better designs, well-though of amenities and meticulously planned luxuries and comforts. A high quality neighbourhood is also part of the whole package. And from the building stage to completion stage to sales and then to after sales, we promise to deliver excellent value.


We are also aware that most of our home—buyers are nature conscious and want to reduce their carbon footprint. Likeminded, we also believe in preserving the eco-system. So, what Intimate Homes does is take few easy-to-implement steps towards a greener future. Not only do we try our best to retain the original landscape in every area, but also plant more trees. A green surrounding helps preserve the nature adds a scenic beauty to our homes.


What others claim, we actually deliver. Superior reputation, premier locations, commitment to quality, go green attitude and dedication to homeowners makes us the first choice of home buyers. We deliver what we promise, and that is why our customers place faith in us and value our integrity.



We are obliged primarily to the client and to the community, without which we have no reason to existence. We are then obliged to our business and trade partners without whom we cannot exist.


We will always say what we do and do what we say. We will never make a commitment we cannot keep, and we will always honor the commitments we have made.


We will at all times fully comprehend the impact of our work on our product, our clients and our competitive position in the marketplace. We will never lose sight of our responsibility to the client and the value to our future of complete understanding of the client’s requirements.

Teamwork and Collaboration

We will honor one another as unique and critical members of a collective team, each of whom plays an important role in the pursuit of our business. We will work together equally in the celebration of progress and the confrontation of obstacles.


“Experimenting with Experience to Excellence”

Finding a right person for assigning the job of designing is the toughest part of all. We landed with a right decision by choosing iDAC. ’infinite DIMENSIONS ARCHITECTURAL CONSULTANCY’ (iDAC) is an association of  endowed professionals, led by Ar.Prasanth. G, B.Arch,M.Plan, who are committed to provide constructive and innovative ideas and services in the field of Planning, Architecture and Construction .

Ar. Prasanth.G has got immense experience in Designing and Planning . His Association with the legends like Architect A K Jayachndran and Architect Eugin N Pandala had made him an appropriate person of our choice. He was the principal designer of the competition winning designs of Technopark Kollam, Infopark Ambalapuzha, Technocity Trivandrum etc.

“Functional efficiency and aesthetic simplicity” is the design principle of our project. Our Architect had given freat emphasis on functions, utility and services along with the aesthetics of the building. He has delivered solutions for our requirements and helped us to shape our dreams.

The Name ‘Agastya’ itself convey the purity of our commitment.

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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Features to make their Home Experience Wonderful